Expert Group Meeting on Open Source Software Solutions for the Public Sector in the Arab Region

Cairo, Egypt, 19-20 December 2006‎

List of Documents

Day 1


Opening session


ESCWA Opening remarks‎ - Yousef Nusseir

ICTDAR Opening remarks - Najat Rochdi

UNESCO Opening remarks - George Awad


Background documents


Free/Open Source Software – A General Introduction (K Wong and P Sayo)‎

Malaysian Public Sector Open Source Software Master Plan, 2005‎

Decision by the Prime Minister Approving the Master Plan “Applying and ‎Developing Open Source Software in Vietnam for the 2004-2008 period”

Session 1: Global Perspectives and Strategic Direction for Free and Open ‎Source Software - Chair: N. Rochdi


FOSS: Needs and opportunities - M. Farah

Open Source, Development, and UNDP’s Efforts, Strategic Direction of ‎UNDP regarding Open Source - Z. Haddara

Free and Open Source Software and the United Nations‎-  M. Perkins

Session 2: FOSS solutions for government - Chair: M. Ouerghi


Understanding and Overcoming Obstacles to FOSS Implementation - D. Pefeva

Iraqi Government Intranet - M. Sharief

Sudan Open Solutions for the Public Sector - E. Osman

Session 3: Experiences and success stories related to the adoption of ‎FOSS by developed and developing countries - Chair: Z. Haddara


Towards an OSS in Saudi Arabia - I. Al-Kanhal

Government Initiatives on Free and Open Source Software in Morocco - B. Rouchdi, R. El-‎Kaissi

National Plan for Free Software in Tunisia - M.S. Ouerghi

Session 4: Panel discussion on “Challenges facing developing countries in ‎FOSS adoption and ways to overcome them”


Day 2


Session 5: FOSS in Education‎ - Chair: T. Sarie


From Open Source to Open Educational Resources: Challenges and ‎Opportunities for the Arab World - Y. Monsef

SCORM and Open Systems to develop collective intelligence – A case study ‎on “Moodle Plus” e-learning platform - P. Gédéon

Open Source Learning Management Tools - H. Kreitem

Enhancement of Learning Management System at the Arab Open University - T. Sarie

Session 6: FOSS Policies - Chair: O. Ezzeldin


Free and Open Source Software - S. Abraham

GAP principles in eGovernment projects Globally and in the UK - R. Ramusack

Session 7: Open Content Initiatives - Chair: G. Awad


Towards Open Content and Social Networking - Y. Monsef

Open Standard and Content Policies - S. Abraham

Session 8: Regional Dimension for FOSS - Chair: Shahid Akhtar


A Regional Strategy for Promoting the Use and Development of FOSS‎ - H. El-Sayed

Session 9: Panel discussion on “FOSS Solutions for the public sector in a ‎regionally customized and culturally appropriate model”‎





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