The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (UNESCWA), in close collaboration with the United Nations Development Operations Coordination Office (UNDOCO) and the United Nations Childrenís Fund MENA Regional Office, organized the Arab Training of Trainers Workshop on DevInfo 6.0, at the UN House Beirut, from 20 to 24 July 2009. The objective of this Workshop is to establish an Arab DevInfo Training Team (ADITT) eligible to undertake national trainings in their countries with an aim of becoming qualified Master Trainers.

UNESCWA, with the support of UNDOCO, will facilitate Teamís DevInfo related activities to further enhance their skills. This will be accomplished by following a plan of activities such as organizing and conducting national seminars/ trainings, producing DevInfo products, and co-facilitating DevInfo interregional activities.

ADITT members accomplishing a milestone of activities will compliment their skills in advanced training to become Master Trainers. UNESCWA Statistics Division developed the ADITT Net to provide a platform for the Team members to share plans, resources and discussions on DevInfo activities.

We hope this platform will facilitate ADITT aspirations to become DI Masters in the region.

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