Sixth Committee on Energy

Doha, Qatar 4 - 5 February, 2007

The Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), is holding the Sixth Session of its Committee on Energy, in Doha/Qatar during the period of 4 5 February 2007. This 2-day inter-governmental meeting will bring together the official national members of the Committee on Energy from the ESCWA member countries, together with representatives and experts from the regional and international organizations as observers to: (1) review the progress achieved during the past 5 years in the energy sector and in accordance with the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation (JPOI); (2) discuss the strategies and plans that the Arab countries envisage in utilizing their energy resources as a vehicle to achieve sustainable development; and (3) review the progress achieved in the energy sector in ESCWA member countries since the convention of the 5th Session of the Committee on Energy October 2004, and discuss the ESCWA regional activities in the field of energy for the biennium 2008-2009. Please find below the details of the tentative agenda of meeting:


  1. Opening Session
  2. Election of COE new office
  3. Approval of the 6th Session Agenda
  4. Proposed Organization of Work
  5. Report on Arab regional perspectives on energy for sustainable development
  6. Five-year review report on ESCWA's energy sector achievements in implementing the JPOI.
  7. Report on the progress achieved since the convention of the 5th Session of the COE
    1. Follow up on the recommendations of the 5th session
    2. Progress achieved in activities in the energy sector in the ESCWA member countries.


  1.       c.    Progress achieved in the Qatari Energy Efficiency Programme
  2. Proposed ESCWA Work Programme and Budget for the biennium 2008-2009.
  3. Proposed Date & Place for the 7th Session of COE
  4. Other Issues
  5. COE Closing Report on its 6th Session.

Final Report | Arabic

Tentative Agenda | Arabic

Detailed Tentative Agenda | Arabic

Progress on Committee on Energy Recommendations | Arabic

Recommendations of the Fifth Session Energy Committee | Arabic

Progress achieved on activities of the Committee on Energy | Arabic

Progress achieved in the Qatari Energy Efficiency Programme | Arabic

Proposed organization of work | Arabic

Provisional list of documents English | Arabic

General Discussion on Policies in Energy | Arabic

Work Plan in Energy for 2008-2009 | Arabic

Achievements of the Energy Sector in the ESCWA Region | Arabic

Energy Balance Form | استمارة بيانات حول ميزان الطاقة




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