National Roundtable on Trade and Environment
December 11, 2006‎
Ministry of Environment, Amman, Jordan‎

List of Participants
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Ms. Carol Chouchani Cherfane
Acting Team Leader.
Technology & Enterprise Development Team
Sustainable Development & Productivity Division


Session I:   Opening

National Roundtable on Trade and Environment: Expected Outcomes
Ms. Ruba Al-Zu’bi, Director, Policy and Development Directorate; Coordinator, National ‎Committee on Trade and Environment, Ministry of Environment

Overview of Key Issues in Trade and Environment
Ms. Carol Chouchani, Acting Team Leader, Technology and Private Sector Development, ‎Sustainable Development and Productivity Division, United Nations Economic and Social ‎Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA)‎

Session II:   Liberalization of Trade in Environmental Goods and Services‎

The Scope of Negotiations on Environmental Goods and Services (EGS)
Mr. Ziad Jaradat, Economic Researcher, International Organizations Division, Foreign ‎Trade Policy & Relations Directorate, Ministry of Industry and Trade

Negotiations on EGS and the Implications for the Arab Countries and Jordan
Dr. Robert Hamwey, President, Cen2Eco

Session III:   Sustainable Development and Competitiveness

General Principles of International Trade and their Environmental Dimensions
Ms. Carol Chouchani, ESCWA

Multilateral Agreements Related to Chemicals in which Jordan is a Party
Dr. Mohammed Khashashneh, Director, Directorate of Waste and Hazardous Substances ‎Management, Ministry of Environment‎

Impact of Environmental Requirements on Key Sectors in the Arab Countries
Ms. Carol Chouchani, ESCWA

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